tears. tears of pure joy

tears. tears of pure joy

So I was thinking to myself… “why does no one ever comment on my blog”?

Then I finished cutting myself and found this amazing video of the BEST COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE EVER (sorry capslock got stuck)



In and amongst my daily trawling of the interwebs I found this little gem.

We may remember the most recent Batman movie for its flimsy plot, weird Bane voice and “Worst Death EVER”


In fact it was so bad, some French guys made a parody compilation of “how to die like Marion Cotillard”


But what the plot of latest Batman movie seemed to glimpse over is the relationship between Batman and Ra’s al ghul’s daughter – until now



Oh wise Morpheus. If you're so smart then why can't you grow hair in the Matrix?

Oh wise Morpheus. If you’re so smart then why can’t you grow hair in the Matrix?

So this ALS ice bucket thing has become pretty huge and while seeing celebrities dousing themselves in near freezing water was entertaining for awhile. The real fun comes when amateurs fatally “try this at home”

Here are some of the best Ice Bucket Fails I’ve found. 

Grab some popcorn and a towel

We've been doing this for awhile now

We’ve been doing this for awhile now

I wanted to find a motivational picture for "new diraction" but all I could find were "One Direction" pictures. This was the best one

I wanted to find a motivational picture for “new direction” ,but all I could find were “One Direction” pictures. This was the best one

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I last posted on this blog.

Was it writer’s block?

Was it a crushing depression making me unable to make out any humour in the world?

Or was it because I forgot my password and login to this blog?

Let’s leave that up to you, the reader.

Suffice is to say I’m back, but rather than being tied to producing only my comedic outlook on life as I know it, I’ve decided to take Totallyawesomename in a new direction by curating some of the coolest and craziest stuff I find on the interwebs.

Don’t worry I’ll still be shoving my left of centre opinion down your throats (hopefully weekly), but didn’t want there to be so many barren spaces between posts, so thought I’d share some things that amuse me.



All animals are created equal… but some animals are more equal than others. George Orwell first alluded to the inequalities between the species in his anti-communist satire, animal farm, but even though it was a work of fiction he couldn’t have been more accurate because we do indeed treat animals differently from one another. We love some animals, we protect them, we raise them, we even invited them into our homes and others we spend millions ensuring their painful extermination.

I don’t know who does the Public Relations or PR for animals, but it seems that they’re doing a rather biased job, because some animals seem to be receiving really great PR while others aren’t. No matter what some animals do we still love them and then there are some animals that no matter what the do we can’t stand them. They could find out that snake bites cure cancer and we’d still be like aaaah! A snake! Kill it with fire! Then stab it and kill it again!

Take for example the Hippo. People love that guy. It doesn’t matter that more people get killed by hippos than crocodiles. People love Hippos and hate crocs. Especially their ugly shoes!
We all love hungry hungry hippos! We all want to give them a Chomp bar.
In fact the only thing that people hate about hippos is that stupid animated one that tries to sell you insurance by butchering 80’s pop songs.

Bees are another one… little stripy suicide bombers, killing more people every year than sharks, but everybody loves them. Busy little bees, you always see them in children’s books and kids shows (which I only watch for research not because I enjoy them). Anyway the bees are always these happy, busy little guys instead being depicted like they should be as mindless zombie terrorists brainwashed and controlled by the evil Queen.

What about mosquitos? They have terrible PR, okay that’s because mosquitos are completely evil! They can literally go straight back to hell. It’s not even the blood sucking I mind – I would quite thankfully setup an IV drip with a sign saying “Free Blood” but it’s the buzzing. Because they like to taunt you. No they won’t just bite your toe and be off. first they need to buzz past your face and whisper “I’m gonna stab you and drink your blood….
Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. Those sadistic little psychopaths are like school yard bullies they love playing that game “stop hitting yourself”. They’ll fly past and land on your face. Waiting for you to try and seize the opportunity to squash them, but you only end up slapping yourself as you hear him fly off going “hehehehehehehe”



What I want to know is who decides which animals are evil and which are good?
Lions good; Sharks evil; Elephants good, spiders evil.
A lion would rip your face off the minute if it got the chance and what’s worse it lives where you live… on the land. Sharks on the other hand are pretty damn easy to avoid. Never go in the ocean and you’ll never be attacked by a shark well until a giant tornado picks up a bunch of sharks and transports them onto land – like that’ll ever happen!

The hypocrisy is ridiculous, take the Rhino for example, its getting poached to the point that its going extinct and everyone is going nuts about it because it has good PR, but if all of a sudden some sort of evil snake or spider goes extinct everyone is all like “Whoo hoo we did it we killed that evil creature!” You don’t see people putting plastic spider legs on their cars to support anti-spider killing initiatives.

Imagine you come home and you’ve left some cake on the kitchen counter and its now covered in ants. The whole kitchen is literally crawling with ants. What do you do? I know what you’d do, because its what any of us would do. We’d blame someone for leaving the cake out. No, besides that! We’d get out the poison and blast those little creeps to kingdom come. Now imagine for a moment, you came home and you realised that you’d left the same cake on the kitchen corner, but now instead of ants it was swarming – literally covered – in puppies! Would you still get out the poison? Of course not! You have cake and puppies! It would look like a Hallmark card come to life. You add a sign saying “SHOW SALE 50% OFF” and you’ve just created the World’s most powerful pussy-magnet.

Let’s not even start with which animals we love and others we love to eat. Aaw its lassie! How can Asians eat a dog?! They’re so cute and friendly. Aaaw look its Babe, the pig he’s so cute and DELICIOUS!!!!
Who makes the decisions? Who decides if animals are good or evil? Is there some kind of committee that decides these things?
Do they have like a checklist to determine its evilness?

bad beaver (yes I know its an otter - beaver is funnier and alliterative)

bad beaver (yes I know its an otter – beaver is funnier and alliterative)

What’s this one have? Poison? Evil
What does this one do? It eats grass and turns it into steak and milkshakes. Well, I do hate mowing the lawn, so lets say “GOOD”
How many legs does it have? 1,2,3,4,5,6. Okay its good. No wait. 7, 8. 8 legs! No! Its evil BURN IT!!!! Kill it with FIRE!!!!
I think they basically decide based on Disney and Pixar movies. Are lions evil? Nah they’re good like in the lion king and Narnia? And Hyena’s? they’re evil – also from Lion king. Electric eels? Depends. Flintstones? – Good. Little Mermaid? – evil

How about this one… it can fly and swim. Hmmm possibly evil
Produces poison. – Hmmm pretty evil
Known to abandon its young. – definitely evil
Has killed more humans than any other animal. Oh my this thing is the most evil creature ever?
What is it? HUMANS!
Ironic! Lesson! Message!

So be careful before you judge an animal as good or evil. Little do we know some alien race is watching us to see who is really the most evil creature on Earth.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

I thought I’d just tell you that to make you completely paranoid. That is all, moving along…
But seriously… didn’t you ever want to become completely paranoid? I don’t know why, maybe because your life is awesome and you want to worry about how crappy life can be.
If that’s what you want, you know what you do, is actually read the little pamphlety thing that comes with most medicine I dunno ‘cause you’re a big reader, just do what you’re told. First of all the thing unfolds like a bazillion times, you think its like the size of a matchbook, but unfolds to the size of a magazine. You end up staring at it like its some sort of Playboy centrefold for Chemistry Geeks…
“oooh yeah acetyl salicylic acid you take away the pain” – That was a chemistry joke

First of all the instructions worry me, because the kind of person who needs to know the instructions on a pill is not going to be able to make it through the first paragraph.
Aspirin also known as acetylsalicylic acid C9H8O4 is a salicylate drug, often used as an analgesic to relieve minor aches and pains, as an antipyretic to reduce fever, and as an anti-inflammatory medication. They really should add an idiots description like “makes hurty ow ow go bye bye”
But where the paranoia comes in is the contraindications. Have you ever bothered reading those things? It’s like a who’s who of things that can go wrong. Here are the contraindications or side effects of Aspirin:
Aspirin is known to cause stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney disease, gout, Reye’s syndrome which causes swelling of the brain and liver, cerebral bleeding, hives, swelling and best of all … headaches.

Aspirin will FUCK YOU UP!

And this is Aspirin! Like the mildest drug on the planet. I have to take like a hundred of these to get through even the smallest headache. I’m popping em like smarties. NOM NOM NOM!
You read the side effects on something a bit more potent like Myprodol its sounds like the side effects of the Atomic bomb that landed on Hiroshima.
Impaired liver and kidney function, stomach ulceration, respiratory failure, heart failure, brain haemorrhaging and constipation and will cause you to grow arms out of your asshole!

Also expect a mild loss of appetite
They list every possible thing that has ever happened and yet not once… not ONE TIME! Have I ever seen a positive side effect. Known to increase penis length. Some super strength observed. May cause X-ray vision.

Nope! Instead we have all these warnings because all of these things actually happened to someone. Hopefully not all to the same guy. Like…
“Here take this mild painkiller and tell us how you feel in the morning. “
“My intestines are bleeding, my brain is swollen, I have hives all over and I developed gout…”
“But do you have any headaches… “
“That’s odd, we gave him the placebo.”
The contraindications are there so you can’t sue saying you didn’t know that could happen. Like you had a headache and now you have the kidneys of an 80 year old alcoholic.
“Ooooh sorry, we did say that could happen if you take aspirin. Sorry. Awkies! We have some liver medication, which may or may not give you cancer and make you impotent.”

That’s why we have some of these retarded warning labels on things, because during product testing these incidents all probably happened.
“For external use only!” — On a curling iron.
What the hell was this moron thinking, so this doohickey is for curling hair so maybe I could curl my intestines?!?!
“Do not use in shower.” — On a hair dryer.
I always hated how when you shower your hair gets wet, so this way I can keep my hair all dry while I shower.

“Warning: has been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice.” — On a box of rat poison.
How do you know your rat poison is probably not working… Well these rats lived for about 7 years before they developed cancer and then died. So our poison works!
“Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand.” — In the manual for a Swedish chainsaw.
Suppose you’ll only make this mistake once… or twice I guess

“Do not eat if seal is missing.” — On said seal.
Okay this is just pure genius. How the hell am I supposed to know not to eat this if the seal warning me not to do so is missing. Hmmm should this orange juice be all green and blue? I’m sure its fine or there’d be some sort of warning on the bottle.

“Warning: May contain trace amounts of nuts.” — On a packet of mixed nuts.
This is the warning that scares me the most. Partly because I’m concerned at what kind of idiot doesn’t know that nuts contain… um… nuts! But probably more so because when I’m buying a 1kg bag of mixed nuts and am only assured that the pack MAY contain trace elements of nuts, I’m kinda worried I’m getting ripped off.


Out of all the disputes that make up the great debate between evolution and creationism, all the angst and argumentation usually centres around one core dispute and that is the origin of the human race. Creationists don’t appear to be at odds with too much about evolutionary theory except that key little assumption that man is descended from apes. You can tell them birds used to be fish or dogs used to be frogs, but don’t you dare tell them they used to be monkeys.

Whether you do believe in evolution or are wrong, there is one thing that you probably also question about the whole process and that is; if man did evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Surely if one day apes decided it was time to evolve from hairy, feces-flinging primates into less hairy, feces-speaking homo sapiens, then apes would no longer exist? Unless what we have here ladies and gentlemen is the biggest and most significant example of “failure to launch” that has ever existed.

Like the 35 year old bachelor still living in his parents’ basement, apes have procrastinated and avoided evolution to a point well beyond parental embarrassment and comparison with their peers.

You can only imagine the conversation between ape and his mother regarding his evolutionary non-activity.

“So when are you actually going to do something with your life? Have you seen what human has been up to? He’s discovered fire; invented the wheel and you haven’t even left home yet. I heard now he’s discovered electricity, can communicate instantly across the planet and is exploring outer space. What have you done?”

“I beat my previous poo throwing record. “

“Don’t you think it’s about time you left home and started evolving? “

“Gosh mom! I’ll do it this afternoon!”

“Oh no, I’m not falling for that anymore you’ve been saying that for half a million years now.”

“Don’t worry about it mom, that whole evolution thing is just a fad. You’ll see the bands gonna make it.”

“If it’s so important, how come you never evolved, Mom? “

“I wanted to, in fact I had started, I was already into my 2nd year of evolving when I met your father and had you. We couldn’t afford the fees anymore so had to drop out.”

Whenever I go back to my home town for the obligatory Wedding, Funeral or School Reunion I honestly feel like I’m going back to the monkeys. My former classmates and friends still living in the same room they had as a kid, still doing the same stuff.

“Hey man, its so good to be back. So what you been up to? “

“You know same old. I beat my previous poo throwing record.”

“That’s great! “

“My room is a tree house! “

“Good for you.”

“What you been up to? Oh nothing really. Discovered fire, built the wheel, started agriculture, been to outer space, invented the internet, not to mention the Big Mac and pizza with cheese in the crust.”

“That’s cool. You want a banana? I’m allowed to eat as many as I want… even on school nights.”

“MOM! Bring me some bananas!” “MOM!” MOOOOM!”

No thanks, not really into bananas anymore.

You’ve changed, man…


And you can’t argue with monkeys, they’re pretty stubborn little creatures.

“Surely you can’t still believe that gay marriage should be illegal especially in a free and democratic society where everyone should enjoy the right to be treated equal.”

“Actually God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”

“Ok that’s a good argument, I mean a rhyming couplet using human names including 2 that are a metaphor for human creation”

“It’s not nature’s way!”

‘Well I won’t get started about a talking monkey then, but you realize that marriage is a human construction much like the car, ice cream and the Macarena. No one seems to care that they aren’t natural!”

“Marriage is for procreation!”

“What about all the married couples that can’t have children? What about the millions of children born out of wedlock? What about all the orphaned babies that are a burden on our economy that instead get adopted by gay couples?”


At which point I need to stop the argument and run while I have feces thrown at me. At least humans are willing to have a conversation with one another without resorting to throwing poo at each other to make a point.