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Sorry about that whole Spur rant in part one, it’s something that I needed to get off my chest, but it served an important point (several very pointy points in fact). Firstly, I hope that it demonstrated a certain level of appreciation of what a truly horrible restaurant is like. Hopefully, it showed that I possess a degree of hard earned expertise in the matter of judging the worst restaurant in the world and finally and perhaps most importantly it hinted at the unwavering passion I have for exposing poor service (and just complaining in general).

Now without any further fanfare or diversion, I present to you my submission for the title of “Worst Restaurant in the World”: (drum roll font) South African Airways! I know what you’re thinking… an airline doesn’t count as a restaurant, but I’m sorry it does and if you don’t like it, stop reading (please don’t stop reading).

I happened to go to this particular restaurant with my girlfriend a few weeks ago and was appalled at the entire experience. First of all we had to make a reservation about 3 months before hand; had to pay the full amount in advance and when we called to move our reservation by a few hours, they charged us a penalty fee. To make matters worse we had to pitch up for the meal almost 2 hours before our reservation or else, we were told, the entire restaurant would disappear into the sky without us.

I presumed the restaurant was extremely exclusive and was willing to forgive the exorbitant prices and the strict adherence to reservations, but I did feel the security measures in place were a bit excessive. Both my girlfriend and I were subjected to a body search and I had the embarrassing misfortune of having to remove my belt when walking through the metal detector. The only thing that was more embarrassing, was when a few well discipline Afrikaans children who started crying when I took my belt off.

When we eventually arrived at our seats (after being driven around the parking lot aimlessly for a quarter of an hour) I was not overly enthused by the décor. I’m not sure who the interior decorator was but the minimalist design and colour scheme left much to be desired. I was then suitably terrified when the waitress, instead of taking our drinks order instructed us to fasten our seatbelts and then began an interpretive dance about the life vests under our seats and what to do in case of an emergency landing (this reminded me of the birthday dance we had to perform as waiters at Spur – as both were embarrassing and caused children to cry).

Now I was hoping to have a lovely romantic meal and based on the prices I was expecting them to spare no expense in providing every luxury available. However for the R800 we each paid, all we received was a Chicken mayo sandwich and a coke. The menu was extremely limited (in the fact that there was no menu) and worst of all, my astute reader, no matter how much I complained about the food, the décor or the service… they never let me speak to the pilot.

Worst restaurant EVER! If it wasn’t for the fact that after eating there we were now stranded in another country we would never have gone there again.