We’re moving!

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Hey all

So I’ll be moving the totallyawesomename blog to my website http://www.thegarethwoods.com

It’ll still be as amazing (average) and awe inspiring (time consuming) as always so please do stop by.

Will be posting on both sites for awhile, but eventually all posts/links/vids/random cat posts will be from the new site.




What if we took all the stereotypes of one gender and acted them out with the other gender?

hilarious no doubt!

Take a watch – first Guys acting like Girls then Girls acting as guys

Personally I think the Girls acting like guys is funnier but maybe that makes me a chauvinist pig – Freud would have a field day with this one.

I aint skerd

I aint skerd

What’s better than a wholesome laugh that everyone can share…

Laughing at someone else’s horror and misfortune #duh

Check out this compilation of the 50 best scare cams

This is my current favourite thing (because lets be honest I’ll probably have a new favourite thing by tomorrow)

I'm not racist, but there an awful lot of honkies in here

Without a doubt we’ve heard someone start a sentence with “I’m not racist, but” or used it ourselves (CONFESS!!!!) – sorry got carried away there.

Well finally there’s a product JUST for you. Introducing Diet Racism. For when you need to discriminate an entire race group but just don’t have the time.




Just a regular day in Russia

Just a regular day in Russia

While this is probably not out of the ordinary in Russia – which is why it seems almost everyone drives around with Dashboard cameras… this scored about a 7.8 on my WTF-O-Meter.(patent pending)

Check it out

Bane Cat

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bane cat

What happens when you mix Bane with a Cat?

well, Bane Cat (duh, its in the title, seriously?)

One part menace and destruction and one part Bane… witness Bane Cat (yes I get paid every time I write Bane Cat)

Bane Cat! okay I’ll stop now.

(Bane Cat)

just watch the video and sequel below

worst roommate ever

Now I’m sure we’ve all had terrible roommates and at the same time wonder what it would be like to have a celebrity roommate (Still waiting for Jessica Alba’s reply) 

Well here’s a glimpse into what it would be like living with the puppet from the SAW movies